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Kemi-tech offers to become your stable and preferred business partner offering the lowest prices on high-tech and environmentally friendly special chemicals. We would like to help you optimize the operation of your steam boiler, cooling systems, district heating plants and much more in order for you to save money. Learn more about what we do in this section. Scroll down to see all the areas we work in, and click on each to learn more.
Boiler Water

Kemi-tech only offers environmentally friendly boiler protection programs. These programs include the use of high-tech polymers, efficient oxygen scavengers, and sludge dispersing agents. Using these will make the sludge discharge from the boiler when performing the regular blow down intervals

Cooling Water

Kemi-tech has developed (all organic) water treatment programs that efficiently prevent corrosion, deposits and bacterial problems. This gives our clients the option for operating with a higher concentration in the cooling water compared to untreated or other solutions offered by our competitors. In this way the consumption of chemicals and water, operational costs and discharge are reduced.

Bacteria & Biofilm

Kemi-tech can offer you online surveillance of biofilm and other types of deposits through approved equipment from our suppliers. Dosage of biocide through online monitoring equipment is also possible. The online monitoring equipment ensures a permanent biocide surplus 24 hours a day, without risking bacteria resistance.

District Heating Water

Optimal protection of a district heating system is not very different from the way other types of installations are protected. However the focus lies mainly in the measurable and isolated components taking into consideration the risks of having bacteria and sludge in the system. Kemi-tech offers solutions various district heating systems.


If things have gone wrong you may need to clean/descale the parts that are covered of deposits. Kemi-tech offers the type of cleaning agent that is necessary for handling your cleaning/descaling. We also offer to clean out sludge/deposits (e.g. magnesium hydroxide, calcium sulphate deposits) from your steam boiler, while the operation is maintained.

Process Water

The food-, brewery- and animal feed-industry produces a lot of different types of products that in advance have been heat-treated in one way or another. These types of businesses often use huge amounts of water, and Kemi-tech can help reducing both water consumption and chemical consumption. We use efficient and environmentally friendly products that solve your problems in the best way.

Water Treatment Equipment

Kemi-tech offers quality equipment, with very reasonable ROI timeframes. We also offer softening facilities (ion exchange), drainage controlled by conductivity meter, dosing pumps (for all types of chemicals), filter solutions (10m3/h-100m3/h), test-kit for self-checking metering and much more.

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