If things have gone wrong you may need to clean/descale the parts that are covered of deposits. Kemi-tech offers the type of cleaning agent that is necessary for handling your cleaning/descaling.

In case of major cleaning works it is recommended that the deposits are analysed in order for us to choose the correct product.

We have pre-mixed descaling fluids as well as concentrated powder for subsequent manual mixture. We would be happy to help you give you an estimation of the assignment/price. We would like to make it clear that all descaling assignments will be carried out without the risk of corrosion damages.


We offer to clean out sludge/deposits (e.g. magnesium hydroxide, calcium sulphate deposits) from your steam boiler, while the operation is maintained. You would normally during the cleaning period blow down a bit more than normally in order to clean out the problematic substances in that way.

Kemi-tech offers removal of calcium carbonate, calcium sulphate, magnesium hydroxide, iron oxide, precipitated phosphates and silicates in cooling towers/condensers without the need of shut-down. The cleaning will typically be carried out during the course of 10-90 days depending on how thick the deposits are. Naturally the cleaning is carried out without the risk of corrosion damage.

Reverse osmosis-facility

In larger reverse osmosis facilities (a RO-facility) it is often not worth the effort investing in a softening facility that requires salt and maintenance. Instead it is more convenient supplying hard or lakewater directly to the RO facility. When using hard water it is absolutely necessary to add a antiscale product in the feedwater. This is used in order to prevent deposits in the membranes resulting in a reduced performance.

Recent findings have shown that in more than 50% of all cases where deposits are formed on the membrane surface are caused by biofilm deposits. Keeping this in mind all of Kemi-tec’s anti-scale products have also been designed to prevent this type of deposit. The quantity of the products to be used can be precisely measured using operational data and water analysis.


Our product

Grey Line - Cleaning Agents & Biocides

We offer:

Kemi-tech offers a unique concept to the district heating industry. The products offered protect the entire system against corrosion, deposits and sludge accumulation.

  • This concept is in compliance with the Danish District Heating
    All products are in stock, fast delivery
  • This concept is in compliance with the Danish District Heating
    Association’s guideline on water treatment.
    Separate protection for storage tanks.
    All products are in stock, fast delivery

Advantages of:

  • Highly concentrated “ready to use” products or a mixture of powder to be dissolved onsite.
  • No corrosion risk while performing the acid-cleaning.
  • Based on organic acids, dispersants, surfactant and corrosion inhibitors.
  • Powerful acid cleaning with a gentle touch.
  • Competitive prices
Descaling Products
  • Highly concentrated products suitable for small, medium and large scale plants.
  • Dosage as low as 2-5 ppm (based on makeup water quality).
  • Prevents scaling from: Calcium carbonate, Calcium sulphate, magnesium hydroxide, silicates, sand/mud and bacteria/biofilm related scaling.
  • Also foodgraded and NSF approved versions for drinking water applications.
Anti-scaler (UF, RO systems)
  • Special type of products that can perform cleaning of steam boiler and cooling systems while running the plant. No more need to shut down the production while cleaning the system.
  • Dissolved scale will be taken out from the system via the blow down or bleed off.
  • Longer cleaning periods compared to acid cleaning (typically 1-6 month).
  • No disadvantages during the cleaning period.
  • Competitive prices.
Online Cleaning Products
  • To prevent bacteria growth, often you need to dose biocides.
  • There is many different types of biocides, carefully you need to choose the right type of biocide to the actual bacteria type/problem.
  • Some are oxidizing, some or not.
  • Some types of biocides are not working at a given pH (low/high), others are less sensitive.
  • Some types need a long contact time to perform efficient, other types are fast working in a short period of time.
  • Some types is specifically made to kill algaes, other types are more broad-spectrum.
  • By using some types regularly, you may develop bacteria-resistance. Other types don’t have that sideeffect.
  • Most types are not working in the biofilm. (only kills bacteria in the water).
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