Closed cooling water systems

The best way to protect closed cooling systems differs widely from open cooling systems with evaporation. However, they share some common problems.

We also have various technologies at our disposal regarding water treatment programs for closed systems.

Open cooling water systems


Corrosion, deposits, sludge, bacteria and biofilm can have a negative impact on cooling towers and condenser systems. These causes are among others:

  • A high proportion of aggressively dispersed oxygen/CO2 in untreated water, softened water etc.
  • Due to high concentration of minerals these will precipitate and form deposits.
  • Galvanic corrosion due to inhomogeneous metals in the system.
  • If contaminants are introduced through the air inlet, the risk of sludge formation and bacterial growth is increased.
  • Under deposit corrosion that is caused by sludge/deposits/biofilm contamination.
  • Optimum temperature conditions for the growth of bacteria, fungi, algae and legionella.


In the course of time corrosion in cooling towers’/condenser systems’ internal surfaces, circulation pumps and exchangers will lead to higher costs in terms of interruptions of operation, increased maintenance, loss of productivity and expensive replacements of equipment.

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Water contains various amounts of minerals/salts (calcium, magnesium, silicates, and sulphates.) Due to the increased concentration of these minerals, they will eventually exceed their solubility and consequently form deposits. The formation of deposits will result in a loss of cooling effect, which leads to wear and tear of compressors, pumps and air pumps. At the same time the costs of electricity for running these will increase significantly.

Moreover there is a high risk of under deposit corrosion.

Formation of deposits
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The recirculated water can be polluted with various substances, e.g. from the surrounding air that may contain dust particles and various types of contaminants. This causes fouling/sludge formation on the internal surfaces which leads to under deposit corrosion and loss of cooling, ultimately leading to increasing costs and loss of efficiency.

Since the facility contains temperate water and is exposed to direct sunlight, a micro environment is formed nurturing various life forms and nutriments. Cooling towers often provide an extremely supportive environment for the growth of fungi, bacteria and algae. Under the biofilm/deposits you will find under deposit corrosion.

Cooling towers also provide good conditions for disease-causing bacteria, such as Legionella pneumophila. The legionellosis disease is transmitted through aerosols which are inhaled and thereby can cause a fatal pneumonia.

Kemi-tech has developed (all organic) water treatment programs that efficiently prevent corrosion, deposits and bacterial problems. This gives our clients the option for operating with a higher concentration in the cooling water compared to untreated or other solutions offered by our competitors. In this way the consumption of chemicals and water, operational costs and discharge are reduced.

In 9 of 10 facilities using the product “Cooling Water 202” will make it possible to completely avoid biocide dosing that damages the environment. Using only one single product to ensure an optimal cooling water treatment is a unique initiative within the industry and ensures you an optimal, environmentally friendly and cost-effective advantage.

We believe that using acid dosing to protect against deposits in cooling systems is a thing of the past and involves a too great risk of corrosion. This is the reason why you won’t be offered those types of products when doing business with Kemi-tec.

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Our product

Blue Line - Open Cooling Water Systems

We offer:

The products are designed for optimal protection of all open and semi-closed cooling systems.

  • All organic product programme.
  • The lowest feed rate on the market.
  • All products are in stock, fast delivery.

We would be happy to audit your facilities – without commitment.

Plenty of advantages

  • Highly concentrated products based on a unique polymer technology.
  • Stable towards oxidative products.
  • The newest application-tested technology.
  • Measurable components.
  • Reduces the need for biocides.
  • Optimal environmental situation. Possibility for P+N-free operation.
  • Removes already existing deposits.
  • Competitive prices.

Our product

Yellow Line - Closed Cooling Water Systems

We offer:

The products are designed for optimal protection of closed systems.

  • A product concept from -5 to +40oC – and a dosing rate of 1 kg/1000 litres per system volume.
  • A product concept from +40 to 180oC – and a dosing rate of 0,5 -1 kg/1000 litres per system volume.All products are in stock, fast delivery.
  • All products are in stock, fast delivery.

Plenty of advantages

  • Products with high concentration.
  • Also protects glycol systems.
  • The newest technology.
  • Optimal environmental situation.
  • Measurable components.
  • Competitive prices.

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