The district heating system

Optimal protection of a district heating system is not very different from the way other types of installations are protected. However the focus lies mainly in the measurable and isolated components taking into consideration the risks of having bacteria and sludge in the system.

Kemi-tec’s concept in terms of district heating:
A hardness stabilisation product that among others contains:

  1. Dispersing agents
  2. Polyphosphates
  3. Corrosion inhibitors

Caustic soda (NaOH) to adjustment of the pH value.
Also a one-shot concept is developed (pH, oxygen scavenger, sludge/scale dispersants).

This gives the opportunity to regulate every single protection component independently of each other by common self-checking. The Danish District Heating Association recommends this method.


Accumulation tank


You would often use volatile oxygen absorbents (DEHA) for protecting the edge zone. This also applies in case of a lack of nitrogen surplus in the upper part of the tank.

Priorities in a district heating system:

  1. A high proportion of aggressively dispersed oxygen in untreated water from supplementary feed and through water penetration.
  2. Minerals that precipitate and form deposits (deficiency in softening, untreated water penetration.)
  3. Galvanic corrosion due to inhomogeneous metals in the system.
  4. If various contaminants are introduced through penetration, the risk of sludge formation and bacterial growth is increased.
  5. Under deposit corrosion that is caused by sludge/deposits/biofilm contamination. Optimal temperature conditions for bacterial growth.
  6. Independent analyzes of protective components.

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Our product

Green Line - District Heating Conditioning

Kemi-tech offers a unique concept to the district heating industry. The products offered protect the entire system against corrosion, deposits and sludge accumulation.

  • This concept is in compliance with the Danish District Heating
    Association’s guideline on water treatment.
  • Separate protection for storage tanks.
  • All products are in stock, fast delivery.

We would be happy to audit your facilities – without commitment.

Plenty of advantages

  • Products with high concentration.
  • Carefully removes already existing
  • The newest technology.
  • Measurable components.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Optimal environmental situation.

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