“It is much easier to keep a system under control, than regain control” – choose the right water treatment equipment

A common problem arising in a boiler or cooling water installation is often dosing, drainage/blow down as well as controlling these elements. Most often people cut back on these elements, which later will turn out to be an expensive cutback. To ensure optimal boiler and cooling water treatment it is advised that the dosing quantities and drainage/blow down quantities are always controlled in terms of feed water proportionally and fixed/constantly. and with a constant product surplus in the water. This can be ensured by investing in correctly dimensioned quality products, as well as an optimal installation. Quality equipment may cost a little more, but it will soon pay for itself.

Kemi-tech also offers:

  1. Softening facility (ion exchange)
  2. Drainage controlled by conductivity meter
  3. Dosing pumps (for all types of chemicals)
  4. Filter solutions (10m3/h-100m3/h)
  5. Test-kit for self-checking metering (e.g. for boiler water and cooling water)
  6. Other relevant high quality parts such as water meters, valves etc.

Other relevant high quality parts such as water meters, valves etc.

Kemi-tech also offers service agreements after set intervals so you always have an optimal water quality.


Examples of Equipment

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Product coming soon

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