A stable and reliable partner

From cost savings, servicing of solutions, stocks that are ready to ship on demand to a high focus on environment, certifications and specialised knowledge – the reasons are many on why to choose us as your business partner. Learn more about the advantages in working with us in this section.

Cost Savings

Today it is possible to get significant cost-savings on water, electricity, gas/oil, chemicals, tax and maintenance. It is not sufficient just protecting a boiler or cooling system optimally. It is also important that you use as little as possible of the above mentioned resources. The best protection at the lowest price.

Service Agreement

We know how important it is to have an optimal water treatment solution consisting of advanced protection products, energy saving consultancy, on-going follow-up/help on your premises.

Warehouse Facilities

When doing business with Kemi-tech you don't have to wait long to get your products. We have chosen to stock all of our products in Denmark, and therefore we are normally able to ship the products the same day you order.

Environment & Certification

All of Kemi-tec's products are developed to perform in an energy optimizing way. This means that the products remove and prevent the formation of deposits, reduce the emission from steam and cooling producing processes. The facility's life is also prolonged when using this technology.

Network of Specialists

Kemi-tech collaborates with leading European specialists, who all work towards one common goal. The close collaboration means that we can profit from having a strong R&D laboratory. Our laboratory carries out both design/development/testing of new products and solutions, which always have the highest priority. We can also draw on each other's experience and know-how which means that we have unique competences.

Want to know more?

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