Get Significant Cost Savings

Today it is possible to get significant cost-savings on water, electricity, gas/oil, chemicals, tax and maintenance. It is not sufficient just protecting a boiler or cooling system optimally. It is also important that you use as little as possible of the above mentioned resources. The best protection at the lowest price.

Many businesses do not know the state of their cooling water and boiler water quality. This is often due to the fact that the chemical supplier does not ensure that the operations personnel is trained or instructed, resulting in the operations personnel not identifying problems and malfunctions before it is too late. Within the industry we have often witnessed chemical suppliers who are only present during the sales process and therefore do not take care of the following, on-going resource-saving consultancy and adjustment. The Client therefore will be left with extra expenses.
Kemi-tech can accurately calculate your facility’s current consumption and give you a detailed report on how to make improvements and save money.

We are one of the few on the market offering this service, but we take pride in offering the best and the most cost efficient solution to you. This means that when you choose Kemi-tech as your business partner you can be assured that you always get the most optimal solution that you won’t find cheaper elsewhere.
From experience we often find cost-savings up to 60% compared to the current operational costs, as well as the operations and protection are improved at the same time.


Save Operating Costs

If your facility is not running smoothly you could be losing a lot of money on an hourly/daily/yearly basis.
Here you can see how much you actually could save.

Here you find reduction in make-up water (%) in relation to cycles of concentration in the water.
Here you find reduction in make-up water (%) in relation to cycles of concentration in the water.

An Example

In the cooling system with a present water consumption of ~10.000 m3 yearly (about 500 KW continuous cooling capacity) will an increase in concentration ratio by 3 (COC) in average over the year, cause a split of water like = evaporation 6.678 m3 and drainage: 3.332 m3.

If the concentration ratio (COC) is further increased to 5 (depending on pre-treatment of water and composition of chemicals) the drainage will be reduced by 50% (to sewer) and the total consumption of make-up water will be reduced by approximately 17 %

Moreover the dosing of protection chemicals can be reduced by 40-50%. This will cause a split as follows =  consumption of make-up water: 8.348 m3, evaporation: 6.678 m3, drainage: 1.670 m3.

Cost savings of:

+7.000‚ā¨/per year

As you can see from the above mentioned example, it is very important that you as a client receive the best
consultancy and that your supplier helps you with your needs on a continuous and stable basis.
You could save a great amount of money.

Steam Boilers

You could also save a great amount of money when using your steam boiler.

Here we focus on the areas of blow down, de-gasser, softening/reverse osmosis plants, habits/routines, chemical types/expenses, deposits, protection of steam/condenser system etc.

These will be carefully analysed and will be subject to major cost-savings for your business.

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